Friday, 24 May 2013

Met the bull

Yesterday I had a meeting with my wifes new boyfriend. We met in a cafe and got to know each other a little. He seems like a very friendly kind person and I know he will treat my wife well. This of course makes it more scarey and risky for me ! When we met I was sligjtly feminized, my wife had sent me to meet him that way, so already it put me in a submissive position.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Date , New Guy !

My wife has set up a date with a new guy this thursday ! They are going to meet at a local restaurant and have a calm "first date". Hopefully all goes well and she likes him enough to want to see him again, and see more of him ;) I have been instructed to drive her there then go away until she sends a text message for me to return. Basically I will have to walk around in the city and kill time while she is out on her date with her potential new lover! He is a good looking, fit young guy who is a quite a few years younger than me. He has the potential of being a real " threat" to me. This of course makes me feel small, submissive, scared and vulnerable.....exactly what a wimpy feminized sissy cuckold husband should feel! I still have not been given my new revised set of Rules for my future life with my wife, so I am still wondering what they might be!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Rules ?

Today I have sent my wife an email with a long list of ideas of rules that she could enforce over me to take away any control or freedom that I may have, and to step up her domination and feminization of me etc. The rules I enclosed were of course only suggestive ideas, and hopefully they will serve to inspire her imagination. I hope that she will come back to me with her list of rules and demands for my total submission to her in our femdom/cuckold marriage.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Unfaithful Tonight

As I sit writing this my wife has gone out on a date with one of her regular boyfriends.
This particular guy has just bought a new apartment in the city and has invited her there for dinner which he plans to cook for her.
I am at home, the kids in bed, and have had orders to be sissyfied when she returns ( whenever that is).
Tonight Im sat in a lovely pink and white bra and panties, a short pink lace skirt and white over the knee stayups.
I have done my make up and nails and I have a lovely aroma of Chanel ;)
I have been sleeping in our " guest room" for approx 2 weeks and wonderif I will be allowed in my wifes bed tonight when she returns.
I know that I wont be allowed real sex with her as I have not been allowed that for a very long time, but if I am lucky I might be allowed to bring myself to orgasm as she verbally ridicules and abuses me.
I know that she is " too good for me" and that I am too much of a sissy husband and so she deserves to be unfaithful to me and treat me like shit.

Friday, 21 September 2012


I know I have not been here and updated for a little while, but you know how life is. At times its better to live it than sit infront of a computer!
My wife has been unfaithful to me on a number of occassions in the past few months ( even on my recent birthday!)
The latest update however is that on saturday evening she is going out with a girlfriend and she will be hoping to find a new guy!
Then on tuesday evening she has a dinner date at the new apartment of onenof her regular Im in for a vulnerable anxiety filled few days ;)

Friday, 31 August 2012

New twist !

A few days ago my wife had made a date behind my back ( we have agreed that she is free to set up dates and be unfaithful to me witoput me knowing about it, and then tell me about it a few weeks later ).

She visited one of her newer lovers at his apartment. He is a bodybuilder type guy and so makes me look small and puny and I have a much smaller "thing".

She was there for quite a few hours and when she returned she waited a few hours....but was bursting to tell me of her new adventure. Apparently this lover had blindfolded her, stripped her naked and made her stand up as she was tied ( cuffed ) to the bed.

He actually made her HIS " plaything" and kind of submissive towards him! This is a massive difference to OUR relationship where she is always Very dominant towards me!

He had taken her from behind as she stood in this vulnerable position and even performed oral sex on her too. During their afternoon together he had made her suck him while blindfolded and then put her onto the bed and fucked her in a selection of positions, then he turned her over and had anal sex with her !!!!

To finish off the day he straddled her and made her wank him until he came over her breasts and in her face!

I know all this happened for sure as she had him take photos with her telephone as he did it ! The thought of another man being strong, confident and dominant over my cuckoldress wife was a MASSIVE turn on for me as it emphasized my low, useless, sissy position under her and reinforced how " unmanly" and " worthless" I am as a husband/lover for her. I hope she does this to me MANY times!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thursday evening

My wife has a date with one of her usual lovers ( the rich guy ). She has arranged to meet him at a hotel that he has arranged. I will be stuck at home, feminized and with the housework and a baby ! As always she will come home in the small hours, smelling of his aftershave, a "newly fucked" hairstyle, and a body full of his sperm. I am ( as you may remember ) totally forbidden entrance to her body for the rest of our lives ! ( She took me to the edge of orgasm one day and made me agree on that, plus that she is allowed to be unfaithful to me behind my back as long as she tells me about it within a month or two ). The next date is thursday evening :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

A date tonight

My wife has a date tonight with one of her lovers ( the rich businessman ). They have booked into an exclusive hotel and will be together for 5-6 hours. I have been told to stay home, clean the house, and look after the kids! I will of course be feminized and forced to kiss her shoes at the door as she leaves. When she returns and gets into bed I know I am going to be able to " smell him on her", there are always traces of his aftershave in her hair!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Forced to watch

My wife has teased me constantly the past few days. she even made me lay ontop of her while she wore only panties and made me rub myself against her ( but not allowed to orgasm ). She has put her mouth " over me" so that I could feel her hot breath over my " thing" but she never let her mouth touch me, and never gave me a blow job....she just did it all as a huge tease..... To be so close and yet sooooo far ! Then tonight she made me watch her give it all to another man !!!

New Guy

A couple of days ago my wife met up with a new guy at an exclusive hotel and they got along really well. She plans to see him soon for a real date ! He was really nicelt built, young amd good looking.... A real threat to me !